May POWerful Word – INTEGRITY – Week 1

In your own words, what is integrity? Choosing right from wrong (whether people are watching or not) is an important part of being a person with strong character and integrity. How do you know that you are making the right choice for yourself (i.e. gut feeling, voice in head)? Is the “right choice” always the most popular choice? Part of
having integrity is telling the truth. Why do you think it is important to tell the truth to your (1) parents (2) friends and (3) teachers? What would happen if you told lies to your family or your friends (i.e. people won’t believe you, feel guilty)? Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the truth. People might be worried about the consequences of their actions. What advice would you have for a friend who lies to her parents or friends for fear of getting into trouble for other bad choices? When we tell the truth, we show integrity.

If you have time: Have you or someone you know been caught in a lie? What happened? How did that feel? Our gut tells us when we are doing the wrong thing!