May POWerful Word – Manners – Week 1

We are taught when we are little that we should say “please” and “thankyou.” What makes these words so important? Is the WAY you ask something just as important as WHAT you are asking? For example, is there a difference between these 2 sentences: “Sit down here.” or “Could you come sit next to me please?” What is the difference (i.e. demand versus polite request)? When we use the word “please” it’s like tacking on the words “with respect” to every sentence. What’s the polite way of asking for help with homework (i.e. Would you please help me?)? What’s the demanding rude way (i.e. Help me now!)? When have you used the word “please” lately? When have you used the words “thank you” lately– who did you thank? When
should we use “You’re welcome?” Good manners!

If you have time: What’s the difference between saying “no problem,” “yup,” “you’re welcome” or “it’s my pleasure” when someone says “thank you?”?