May POWerful Word – OPTIMISM – Week 2

Our thoughts contribute to how we feel and how we act– so our thoughts are very important! When people have a “no-hope-sit- around-and-mope” pessimistic attitude, they think of themselves as unlucky and they believe that bad things will keep on happening– and they’ll keep on happening to them. This is not a good way to think! The good news is, we can change the way we think. Optimism, and having a positive (don’t-pout-things- will-work-out) attitude, can be made into a habit. What’s a habit (i.e. something you do over and over until it becomes something you always do without even thinking about it)? We can make optimism a habit by thinking positive thoughts everyday. We can think about something (1) we excel at (2) we like about ourselves (3) that makes us feel grateful and (4) we are hopeful about for the future. Let’s go around the circle and provide an answer for one of these four optimistic thoughts. Good!

If you have time: Now give an optimistic, appreciative thought to someone else in the circle! What is something you like or admire about them?