May POWerful Word – OPTIMISM – Week 3

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s a normal part of life! Sometimes, when people make mistakes, they don’t want to admit that they did anything wrong– why do you think that is the case (i.e. concerned about getting into trouble, concerned about reputation)? Sometimes, when people make mistakes, they are pessimistic and worry that others will be angry with them or won’t like them anymore. So, instead of admitting they made the mistake…what do they do (i.e. blame someone else, pretend they don’t know about it)? What happens when we blame someone else for our mistakes? Has anyone ever blamed you for their mistake- what happened? Have you ever admitted that you made a mistake? What should you do about it? When we make a mistake, we need to admit it, apologize and be optimistic and hopeful that everything will be OK (it usually is!)!

If you have time: What would you do if you saw a friend make a mistake- then blame someone else for it? Is there any harm in blaming someone else?