May POWerful Word – PATIENCE – Week 3

There are many people (and pets) in our lives who use patience with us everyday– and they do it through teaching us new skills and information. Who are these people (i.e. teachers, coaches and instructors, parents/family too!) That means there are many people to thank! Who are some of the top people in your life who patiently teach you each day? Fill in the blank; “I want to thank my teacher for…_____.” (i.e. helping me with my letters, being patient with me)? When you need help or don’t understand how to do a new skill/ new piece of knowledge, how can a teacher help and show patience? What would happen to our love of learning and our ability to understand, if our teachers did not show patience while we learned? So let’s take some time to thank our teachers!

If you have time: At this point, invite the teachers into class and follow the teacher appreciation procedure.