May POWerful Word – SPORTSMANSHIP – Week 2

Think of the competitions that you’ve been part of recently– name one rule that you need to follow. Rules keep games, sports, and contests safe for everyone. What would happen if there were no rules? What are some rules that you follow when competing that keep things SAFE for you and others (i.e. no pushing, limited number of people on the floor at one time)? What happens when people break these rules? We also have other rules that keep things fair when competing. What are some rules that you’ve followed while in competition that keep things FAIR for everyone (i.e. competition by age/weight, turn-taking)? Have you been in a contest where people break the rules that keep things fair? What happened? When you don’t respect the rules, you aren’t showing sportsmanship!

If you have time: What happens to “fun” when people break the rules of competition? What would you do if a friend kept breaking the rules?