May POWerful Word – TEAMWORK – Week 1

When you think of the word “teamwork– what comes to mind? Think of all the different teams you’ve been on at home, school, and out in the community. Tell us the types of teams you’ve been part of over the last few years at (1) Home; (2) School; (3) In our classes; (4) Out in the community. People have said that T.E.A.M. stands for “Together Everyone Achieves More”– what do you think they mean by that? A team IS about working together, making the job easier, and having fun! Someone once said “there is no I in team” what do you think that means? A team is NOT about one person– it’s about the whole team. What’s stronger– the power of “me” or the power of “we?” The power of we! Let’s repeat that: The Power of We! When people work together, everyone’s best qualities can shine through and the team can get stronger.

If you have time: What are your favorite teams– either ones you’ve been on or ones that you love to cheer for during the season? Why is that team your favorite?