May POWerful Word – TEAMWORK – Week 2

Some teams work well together and other teams don’t work well together at all. Think of the teams you’ve been part of in the past– what made some of the teams great and successful? A great team may not always “win” but is made up of members with great attitudes, good sportsmanship, and strong effort. What does it mean to have a great attitude (i.e. Being positive in the face of obstacles)? How can great attitude affect the team? What is good sportsmanship (i.e. fair and kind whether you win/lose)? How can good sportsmanship affect the team? Now let’s focus on effort– how can strong effort and hard work affect the team? If you were the leader of a team, what would you expect of each member in terms of effort, attitude and sportsmanship? They make a big difference!

If you have time: A successful team knows how to communicate. Members needs to (1) Listen and (2) Say something meaningful. What do I mean by this?