May POWerful Word – TEAMWORK – Week 3

Each one of us brings something special to every team we’re part of or that we join. Everyone has strengths. What do you think I mean by that? We all have skills we’re good at that help our teams work better! For example; if one of your teammates has a lot of energy, how can that help the team? What other attributes would you want in a teammate? Let’s go around the room (I’ll go first) and tell us, what is one of YOUR strengths–how do you think it could help a team work well together? Often, people will take on different roles within a team. Someone might be the leader/captain while another person might be the encourager who cheers everyone on when times are tough. Still others take on roles like “the implementer” (the one who gets things done) or the “idea person.” What role do you like to take on when on a team? Great!

If you have time: Sometimes people are embarrassed to share their strengths- why? Is it boasting? Why/why not?