May POWerful Word – TEAMWORK – Week 4

Teams work best together when everyone works as a unit, supports one another, and helps one another. However, there are times when we shouldn’t go along with our team but rather, speak out and stand up for what we think is right. Can you think of any times you would need to speak out? Let’s say you’re on a team and they’re doing something that you think is wrong– like (1) cheating (2) bragging and putting the other team down or (3) bullying someone. How would you deal with each of those? If your friends or a younger student told you one of these things was happening on one of his/ her teams, what advice would you give? Have you ever been on a team where something like this was happening– what happened? Speaking up can be hard– but necessary! You can inspire people to get back on track and be a powerful team with character!

If you have time: Why do you think it’s sometimes hard to speak up when the team is making bad choices?