May Powerful Word – TRUSTWORTHYNESS – Week 2

This week we’re talking about cheating and trust. When we enter our teens and adulthood, the idea of cheating takes on different kinds of meanings. It doesn’t just refer to forcing a result in an underhanded way as in a game or a test in school. We also talk about it with regard to relationships in love, work, and frienship. Some choose to remain disconnected and suspicious while others keep the faith in those with whom they interact. Where do those in your life tend to fall? Samuel Jackson wrote; “It is…happier to sometimes cheated than not to trust.” Do you agree? It is better to trust and sometimes be wronged than to not trust at all? This week your Powerful Thought Assignment is to ponder; Do you tend to trust even though there is a possibility of someone cheating you or do you choose not to trust at all?