May Powerful Word – TRUSTWORTHYNESS – Week 4

This week we’re talking about those who trust us. As leaders, we need to be aware that we are looked at as role models. Perhaps we did not “sign up” for that job but nevertheless, young people look up to the teens and adults who are a part of this class. That makes it all the more important that we follow the rules, remain reliable, show accountability for our mistakes, and keep to our word. Colin Powell said it well; “trust is the essence of leadership.” How can we, as leaders, specifically ensure that our leadership is infused with trust? How can we guide others who are up-and-coming leaders to realize the impact of their actions on the trust of those who may follow them? This week your Powerful Thought Assignment is to reflect on your personal leadership position and if you feel that your actions support the trust of others. Are there some adjustments that you feel you need to make?