May POWerful Words – COMPOSURE – Week 2

All feelings are okay. What’s not okay is if we react to our feelings in violent, mean ways. One of the key ways to make sure we aren’t being “reactive” and saying mean words, hitting, yelling and throwing things is to recognize the signs of big feelings BEFORE they get overwhelming. If we catch our feelings before they get overwhelming, we can keep “The Thinker” part of our brain as the boss instead of allowing our emotions to take over. We need to look for clues in our bodies. Today, let’s talk specifically about anger. When anger gets overwhelming in people’s bodies and they simply react, what might they do (i.e. hurt themselves or others)? Can you tell when someone else is getting angry? How can you tell (i.e. body language, words, facial expression)? Show us what someone looks like in terms of body language and facial expression when they are angry. Excellent. Now, think inward. Where do you FEEL anger and what does it feel like as it’s building up inside your body (i.e. hot face, clenched jaw/fists, tight stomach)? When we read these signs, we can address them and keep our composure.

If you have time: How do you think reading the signs of anger can help you to stay calmer?