May POWerful Words – Manners – Week 2

As we get older, it seems that people get busier. It’s easy to make a mistake and interrupt someone while they are doing something important. How can you interrupt someone with
manners (i.e. excuse me, wait turn)? How might someone interrupt without manners (i.e. blurt out demands)? Why do you think it’s rude to just blurt out what we want without using manners (i.e. shows you don’t value their time/work)? If a teacher here was working on a skill with someone else, could it be dangerous to interrupt without waiting and using
manners? How so? What should you do if there is an emergency and the adult in charge is busy? Part of good manners is also asking “permission”– i.e. ask before we do it/take it. How might you ask permission to (1) Enter a room (2) Borrow a shirt (3) Go to a friend’s home? These are good manners!

If you have time: When have you had to interrupt someone- how? When have you asked permission?