May POWerful Words – Manners – Week 3

Using good manners is especially important when we are meeting someone new. Have you ever heard the expression; “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression?” It means that how you act when you first meet someone is remembered! So today let’s talk about using manners when we meet someone new. What can you say to that person? You can say, “hello, my name is _____. What’s your name?” Who wants to try that? When we introduce ourselves, it makes the other person feel comfortable and welcomed. What might you say if you were meeting a new teacher? “Hello, sir/ma’am/Mrs./Mr. ____, My name is ____. It’s nice to meet you!” What should we do with our hands? Where should we look?
If you have time: Game: how many people can you introduce yourself to in 60 seconds? Ready-Go!