May POWerful Words – Manners – Week 4

Manners are not just polite words you say but also kind things you do. What are some ways that you can show good manners through your actions when you are (1) Walking through a
doorway (i.e. open door for others) (2) Someone is bringing in groceries from the store (3) Your family is getting ready to eat dinner (i.e. wait until everyone is seated, put napkin in lap, help set table) (4) You arrive at a friend’s home and your shoes are muddy (i.e. take off shoes at door)? (5) You borrow your friend’s jacket and you get a stain on it (i.e. wash
before returning, offer to buy new one)? You are watching a performance (i.e. quiet while performing, clap when appropriate). (6) You’re waiting to pay at the grocery store with a lot of groceries and someone behind you has one item. As a leader, why do you think it’s important to show good manners?