Mr. Hancock & Mr. Tong

I had the pleasure of meeting and training with Mr. Skip Hancock on Saturday, February 11th. Mr. Hancock is one of the “Kenpo Seniors” and worked closely with Mr. Parker to help organize the American Kenpo system. He covered three different topics during his seminar: 1) The story of Thundering Hammers 2) Principles of Twisted Twig 3) Padded club techniques. After the seminar I was able to join Mr. Hancock and several instructors and students at dinner. It was a great day and I look forward to studying with Mr. Hancock again in the future.

Mr. Tong returned to Alpha Martial Arts on Monday, February 13th — this tiime for instructor training. Many of you participated in Mr. Tong’s seminar in November and know first-hand what an outstanding instructor he is. On Monday we focused primarily on Kick Defenses. Mr. Tong also took me through a relatively rare Kenpo form, “Short 4,” which I will be sharing with our black belt students in the future.

A big thank you to Mr. Hancock and Mr. Tong for helping to expand my knowledge of Kenpo!

Mr. Herrman