November POWerful Word – CITIZENSHIP – Week 1

Think of the different groups that you are part of– what are they? You are a member– or a citizen– of that group. What do you think it means to be a good, helpful, and supportive part of a group (i.e. listen, pitch in)? People who show citizenship: Treat people with RESPECT (They treat people with what? Respect!) They do THEIR PART (They do what? Their part!). They keep their communities SAFE (They keep their communities what? Safe!) and treat people FAIRLY (repeat). One of the ways to make sure that everyone is safe and treated fairly is by following the rules. What rules do you need to follow: (1) At home (i.e. clean up mess, respect privacy). (2) School (no running in halls) (3) Here in class (4) In our community (i.e. traffic laws)? Citizens follow the rules to show good citizenship!

If you have time: What would you do if you saw a friend breaking a rule that created a safety problem?