November POWerful Word – Citizenship – Week 1

What do you think it means to be a good, helpful, and supportive part of a group (i.e. listen, help out, pitch in)? People who show citizenship don’t just think of themselves– they think of others as well. They make sure that things are SAFE and FAIR for everyone. One of the ways to make sure that things are safe and fair for everyone is by following the rules of that group or community. What rules do you need to follow to keep things safe and fair (1) At home (i.e. put away your things, respect privacy). (2) School (no running in halls, treat others with respect) (3) Here in class (4) In our community (i.e. traffic laws, no stealing)? Citizens follow the rules to show good citizenship! Are you a member of any other
group/community (i.e. team)? What rules must youfollow to keep things safe and fair for everyone?