November POWerful Word – CITIZENSHIP – Week 2

We often hear how important it is to “help” one another. Helping others is a big part of being a good citizen. What characteristics make a good citizen? One way to “help out” is by sharing your TALENTS and TIME with others in the community. What is a talent? A talent is something you are really good at doing (i.e. reading, performing, sports, baking, art)? What is one of your talents? How can you share your talent in a way that can help others (i.e. make homemade cards for sick children, read to blind, cook for those in need)? As a citizen, why do you think it’s important that we share our talents with others? Let’s brainstorm together–how can someone help the community if s/he is great at (1) Art (2) Fixing bikes or toys (3) Building with tools (4) Baking cakes and cooking homemade dishes, (5) Singing/ dancing? How WILL you share your talent? Every one of us has a talent or gift that allows us to help others– think about how you can use yours to be a helpful, active citizen and show good citizenship!

If you have time: Think of your close friends and family members- how can they share their talents?