November POWerful Word – Citizenship – Week 3

Part of being a good citizen and showing citizenship is taking care of our community– everyone in it and everything around  it. After all, if we don’t take care of our home, our school, and our community who will? How do we keep things clean, healthy & nice for everyone (1) At home (i.e. clean up your mess) (2) At school (i.e. wash your hands, put away what you take out) (3) Here in class (i.e. hang up jacket, keep equipment out of walkway, stay home if you’re sick) (4) Out in the community (i.e. cough into your elbow, don’t litter)? Why can’t you just leave the mess for someone else? Can “kids” really be helpful? Part of being a leader means taking care of your own mess and your own things. Are you leaders? Do you show citizenship?
Citizens keep their communities clean & nice!  When we are proud of where we live and where we go to school, we take “pride” in these places. As a citizen, how do you show you are proud?