November POWerful Word – CITIZENSHIP – Week 4

Many of us are fortunate enough to have a home to live in, clothes to wear, toys to play with and food to eat. But not everyone has everything they need to be happy,
dry, warm and comfortable. As good citizens of our community, part of showing citizenship is giving to those in need. Why should we help those out who are in need? Who are these people who might be in need (i.e. military family, people without enough money, someone is sick, a family who has lost their home to weather/fire)? Think about what you have in your home, room or closet. Perhaps you have some items that you’ve “grown out of” this year. What kinds of items could you give to children, just like you, who don’t have what they need (i.e. clothes, shoes, toys, blankets)? Have you ever given anything to families who are in need? What have you given? While some items in your closet may seem “old” or “worn” to you, how do you think giving these items to people in need might make them feel? We must lead the way as good citizens and think of others!

If you have time: What can you pack up and give away to those in need within the next week?