November POWerful Word – DEPENDABILITY – Week 1

We can show dependability in many ways and in many different roles in our lives. What do you think it means to be a (1) Dependable friend (stand up for friends, there when needed, no gossip)? Who is one of your most dependable friends and what makes that person so dependable? (2) Dependable student/athlete here in our class (i.e. ready to learn, come prepared, on times)? (3) Dependable citizen of our community (i.e. pick up trash, don’t steal, take care of public spaces)? (4) Dependable family member (i.e. clean up messes, get myself up in the morning, do chores/contributions to family)? Finish this sentence; “When I am dependable, other people…” Now this one; “If I am not dependable, other people…” Let’s show others; “you can count on me!” (Repeat!)

If you have time: Have you ever been left “in charge” of something or someone? How did you show you were dependable?