November POWerful Word – FRIENDSHIP – Week 2

Sometimes friends agree but other times friends disagree. They may even get frustrated and angry with one another. Have you ever disagreed with a friend? What kinds of things might you and your friend disagree on at school or when spending time together outside of school (i.e. whose turn it is, what to do next, misunderstanding)? When you disagree with a friend, what happens to the friendship– can you still be friends? If you have a disagreement with a friend- what can you do? What shouldn’t you do? Here are some ways to resolve conflict: (1) Talk it out. Say how you feel and what you want, then listen. (2) Compromise: Do you know what this means? You give a little, your friend gives a little and you come to a decision together than works for both of you. How should you speak to your friend? Friends speak with respect to one another.

If you have time: Have you ever had a disagreement with someone? How did you resolve it & make it better?