November POWerful Word – RESPONSIBILITY – Week 1

What does “responsibility” mean to you? We say that being responsible is being R.A.D. The “R” stands for Reliable which means people can rely on you. You are the kind of person who is on time and gets his/her jobs done. “A” is for Accountable which means people can count on you. People know that you accept responsibility for your actions and choices! And “D” is for Dependable which means people can… depend on you! People know that you will make good choices and work hard. Who here is a R.A.D. person? We all have responsibilities. When we talk about our “responsibilities” we are usually talking about our jobs, chores or homework. What are your “responsibilities” or jobs at home (i.e. pet care, make bed)? At school? Here in class? Responsible people do what is required, needed & expected of us.

If you have time: What are your parent(s) responsibilities? What can YOU do to pitch in more?