November POWerful Word – RESPONSIBILITY – Week 2

One of the ways we show that we are responsible people is by keeping our promises and commitments. What do I mean by “promises and commitments?” What kinds of promises and commitments have you made at home, school and here in our class? When we make a promise or a commitment to something, it’s very important that we follow through. Finish these sentences; (1) “When I make a promise, I…” (i.e. follow through, feel like I have to keep it, know I have to complete my job) (2) When I make a promise, other people…” (i.e. rely on me, expect me to follow through) (3) “When I break a promise I…” (i.e. am disappointed, feel badly about it) (4) “When I break a promise, other people…” (i.e. don’t trust me, get angry)? Fulfilling promises is a responsibility!

If you have time: Had anyone ever made a promise or commitment to you (i.e. teacher, friend)? Share some examples of responsibility you’ve seen in class lately.