November POWerful Word – RESPONSIBILITY – Week 3

Today we are going to talk about a very important part of responsibility. It’s called accountability. People who are accountable follow through with commitments and, if they make a mistake, they do something about it. We have all made mistakes, right? When we make a mistake, what should we do? We can take these 3 steps: (1) Admit it, (2) Apologize for it and (3) Address it –> Do what you can to make the mistake better! So let’s go through these 3 steps as we discuss these mistakes: (1) You are late to class. Go through the three steps you need to take if this happened. (2) You forgot to bring your homework to school. (3) You yelled at a friend when you were tired. Think of a time when you made a mistake– how did you show accountability and responsibility? Great!

If you have time: When someone shows accountability, how do you feel about that person as a leader or friend?