November POWerful Word – RESPONSIBILITY – Week 4

It’s responsible to complete our tasks and do what is expected of us. Some people choose to “go above and beyond.” What do you think it means to go “above and beyond” (i.e. Do something just because it needs to get done even if nobody asked you to do it, doing extra)? What kinds of jobs can you do at home that would show that you are responsible and go “above and beyond” (i.e. clean the kitchen when not asked, baby sit younger sibling)? We need to look for ways to be helpful- ask yourself, how can I be helpful and responsible? What would your parents think if you go above and beyond at home (i.e. becoming mature, more reliable, a helper)? How can you go above and beyond at school or here in class? Who do you know who goes above and beyond? Is going above & beyond part of being responsible?

If you have time: How can you go above and beyond (1) for a friend (2) for a team (3) for your community