November POWerful Word – SELF-ESTEEM – Week 2

Today let’s talk about feeling good about who we are AND what we can do. We can all do some pretty awesome things. And even though we don’t do the same things well, we can all celebrate those activities and skills that we excel in without making other people feel bad about what they can or can’t do. Name 3 activities that you do well at (1) home (2) school (3) here in class. You may be talented in that area or you may work extremely hard to do well at that skill. When we believe or say we do something well, does it mean that we are bragging or full of ourselves? When we can recognize that we do some activities well, we show we have strong self-esteem. When we can do something well, does it mean that we don’t need to practice? Does it mean that we don’t want to get better? When we have strong self-esteem, we know what we do well but we also know that the effort we put in is important to the result we get out! Now- what if someone else is better at the skill than you are- should that make us feel bad? Don’t compare! Keep doing your best. Say; “I can do it, yes I can, I’m enough the way I am!”

If you have time: What happens when we quit- how does that affect our self-esteem? What should we do?