November POWerful Word – SELF-ESTEEM – Week 4

One of the big choices we make in life is who to surround ourselves with each day. We are all exposed to many different types of people– some are kind, thoughtful and positive while others are rude, mean and negative. When we surround ourselves with negative peers, for example, what can happen to our self-esteem? It goes down! Have you ever been around a negative peer/friend for an extended period of time– how did it affect you (i.e. sad, frustrated, mad, negative thoughts, feel bad)? If you find yourself surrounded by negative people, what should you do? Being around friends or other people who are rude, mean, negative and who put you and others down can be bad for your PHYSICAL (your body) & MENTAL (your mind) health! When we are feeling down, we can develop a mantra– a phrase that reminds us that we’re awesome. It might be: “I’m getting better each day” or “I like myself!” or “I can do it, yes I can, I’m enough the way I am!” What works for you?

If you have time: What should we do/say if a friend is being rude or mean to you all the time (i.e. tell adult, find other friends, spend less time with them)?