October POWerful Word – DIGNITY – Week 2

Think of the people in your life who are your family members, your friends, your teachers and your classmates. All these people deserve to be treated with dignity– like they are worthy of care and attention. Let’s discuss how we can treat others with dignity. (1) When our parents or friends are having a tough day, how can we treat them with care and attention? What would be an example of NOT treating them with dignity after a tough day? (2) Let’s talk about listening. How do we know if someone is really listening? How can listening to someone show that they matter? (3) When a new person comes to class, how can we respond? How can including others show that they are worthy of care and attention? (4) How can using empathy, understanding and responding to people’s feelings, show others that they matter? How can you respond if someone is sad, scared or angry? How else can we treat others with dignity?

If you have time: HOW can you get to know a new classmate who might seem lonely (i.e. question, compliment, name, invitation)? What would YOU do to help him/her? What happens when we ignore?