October POWerful Word – DIGNITY – Week 4

When we look around our community, our country and our world, does everyone look and act the same? No! While there are similarities, there are also differences. Some people look at differences as “bad”- are they? They might fear those differences, look down at those differences or even be disgusted by those differences- why? But differences is what makes this world great– they allow us to make progress in many different areas like science, art, technology and more! Differences is what makes one person great at sports or mathematics and another person great at music or writing. What makes you different and unique? We need to be proud of what makes us unique. If everyone looked exactly the same, liked the same things and were good at the same things, this world would be boring! We are so glad of your unique qualities. When we celebrate our uniqueness and the unique qualities in others, we are treating others with dignity. We are saying, “you are different AND you matter.” (Repeat!)

If you have time: What is a difference that you admire, like or think is awesome in someone else?