October POWerful Word – DISCIPLINE – Week 1

Today let’s talk about “willpower, ” “won’t power,” and “wantpower.” In particular, we need to discuss what we want (our goal), what we will do to get it and what we won’t do so that our plan doesn’t get sabotaged or messed up. So, if one of my goals or jobs is to get a great grade/ score on a test, (1) I WANT to achieve X grade or score (i.e. at least 90{1d96d231ab15286cc2909578709a2dba1f05c1bc2821770822e5433a4504f686}, an A) (2) I WILL study for the test each night for 2 hours (3) I WON’T talk or play with friends until I’ve completed my 2 hours study time. Now let’s have you do one. What is your goal here in class. So what is our “I want” (I want to learn X). What is something you WILL do to learn it (I will come to class, practice)? What is something you WON’T do that can get in the way (goof around, quit). How can you apply this to other goals or jobs?

If you have time: What is the bravest thing you’ve done? Do you think many leaders are brave- why?