October POWerful Word – DISCIPLINE – Week 2

Today let’s talk about all the great things that happen when we show discipline. Each day we have the choice to show discipline or the choice to NOT show discipline. The choice is up to us. Whichever choice we make, we have to deal with the consequences of those choices. What is a consequence (i.e. the result of a choice)? At times consequences are in the form of great rewards– we are rewarded for the great choices we make. What is the reward for showing discipline when (1) You practice your skills for this class every week; (2) You study hard for a test you are taking tomorrow; (3) You eat healthy foods each day; (4) You brush your teeth twice a day everyday; (5) You go after your goal even on days when you’re tired/bored? (6) You prepare for a competition? When we are disciplined, great things happen! Go for it (repeat)! Stick with it (repeat)!

If you have time: (7) You save up your money instead of spending it? (8) You don’t quit? Great!