October POWerful Word – DISCIPLINE – Week 3

Today let’s talk about how we can use discipline to stay in control of our bodies and our emotions. We’re really talking about “self control.” When we are younger, we learn how to control our bodies and keep our hands and feet to ourselves. We learn how to keep our voices quiet when we’re in the library or inside when someone is sleeping. Still, becoming a disciplined person takes planning. (1) Who: Who can you be around and still stay focused? Who must you be away from in order to concentrate? (2) Where: Where can you best pay attention? How can you shut out distractions? (3) What: What is a good meal that can help you to concentrate? (4) Mindset: What must you believe & say to yourself? (5) How do you know what to do first (i.e. prioritizing)? Do you ever use prioritizing?

If you have time: Does taking breaks help you? What can you do to reward yourself for sticking with the job/ goal? Can doing the tough activities first help– why?