October POWerful Word – DISCIPLINE – Week 4

One of the most important parts of discipline is the idea of work before play. Let’s repeat that: Work before play! What does the idea of “work before play” mean to you (i.e. you
have to get your chores, homework and practice done before you can have a good time doing what you
want to do)? When do your parents or other family members ask you to work before play while at home (i.e. homework before computer, clean-up room before leaving with a friend)? What would happen if we didn’t work before we “played?” When are other times you make sure you work before you play (i.e. learn skills before play fun games in class, practice before competition)? Why do you think it is so important for a leader to work before play? Is it OK to take a break? Successful leaders work before play and show others that it’s important to do the same!

If you have time: Do your parents work before play– how? Your coach/teacher? What happens if they don’t?