October POWerful Word – FAIRNESS – Week 1

In your own words- what does “fair” mean? It isn’t always easy to figure out what’s fair since “fairness” can mean different things in different situations. When does fairness mean “everyone should get (or do) the same amount” (i.e. group project in school)? When might fairness mean that everyone should get or do a different amount (i.e. age, special needs)? I’m going to give you some different scenarios and you tell answer these 2 questions: When would this be fair? and When would this be unfair? (1) You were among the first to line up for a concert. Three people arrive late and get in front of the line. You sit behind them. (2) At the dinner table, everyone receives the same amount of food. (3) Our class takes a test and one person fails. The person is allowed to retake the test. Fairness ensures that people get what they need, want and deserve.

If you have time: What would happen if students here were taught in the exact same way regardless of age?