October POWerful Word – FAIRNESS – Week 3

Everyone needs to learn how to share. As we get older, we see that sharing and taking turns is a big part of friendship, teams and families. Of course, sharing isn’t always easy. Sometimes sharing feels like the fair thing to do and other times sharing can feel extremely unfair. What do you think I mean by that– when does sharing seem fair (i.e. sharing a pizza at dinner with the family) and when does sharing seem unfair (i.e. sharing a room with a sibling who makes a mess)? In order to make things fair at home, at school, and here in class, we also must “do our share.” What does that mean? Has anyone here ever had to do a project with others or been on a team with others where everyone did their “fair share?” What was that like? How do you contribute your fair share to a team?

If you have time: What would you do if you were in a group/on a team and a friend refused to do his/her share?