October POWerful Word – FOCUS – Week 1

What does the word “focus” mean to you (i.e. concentrate, pay attention)? When you are really focusing on something, what do you do with your eyes (i.e. eyes on task, may close eyes to concentrate)? You are using Powerful Laser-Beam focus. When you are focusing, what do you do with your ears (i.e. listen)? We might focus on learning math, doing homework, learning a skill, playing piano, drawing a picture or building something. What does it means to “multi-task” and how does that affect focus? When do YOU use focus (i.e. learn new skill, take test)? Can I have a volunteer to show one of the skills we’ve been working on in class? First, demonstrate the skill while we are quiet & still so you can focus. Now do it again while we are all making noise & moving around and while you are singing a song. What do you notice about your focus?

If you have time: As a leader, how is focus important? How have YOU used focus as a leader?