October POWerful Word – FOCUS – Week 2

When we have work to do, it’s important that we can focus. When we focus on our work, the skills we need to learn, and the tasks we need to do, what happens (i.e. gets done, faster, better)? What happens when we get distracted and can’t focus (i.e. work takes long, frustrated, unsafe, unfair)? What are some distractions that can take our focus off our tasks or jobs (1) At School (i.e. sunny day, worried about test, thinking about something else, bullying, ADHD, hungry)? What distracts YOU at school? (2) At home (i.e. TV, phone, fighting with sibling, too many scheduled activities)? How can the computer, phone, or TV keep you from focusing? (3) Here in class: (i.e. Noise from next class, feeling frustrated with a skill). What takes YOUR attention away from a skill in class? Focus takes work!

If you have time: What might distract you from focusing: (1) in the movies (2) in the library (3) studying for test (4) on sports field (5) in competition?