October POWerful Word – FOCUS – Week 3

There are clearly many ways to cope with distractions. Today, let’s talk about some more focusing techniques. Sometimes we are unable to ask the “distraction” to stop (i.e. construction, crying baby). Other times moving/ stopping is not an option (i.e. taking a test). What can we do? (1) Buckle down! Imagine yourself putting on “focus” blinders & imaginary ear plugs that block out the noise. Put away all distracting items. When have you done this? (2) Set a timer: Set a timer for 15 minutes and work as hard as you can until the timer goes off. Then take a break & do it again! Could this work for you? When? (3) Cross it out: Write down everything you need to do- & cross it out once it’s completed! How can that help? Good!

If you have time: What focusing technique do you think people need to use when driving on the road?