October POWerful Word – PATIENCE – Week 2

We are often taught to take turns– and taking turns takes patience, doesn’t it? When we are little, we need to learn how to take turns with toys and games– as we get older, we realize we still have to take turns out in the community, in school or with friends. When do you show patience when taking turns at home, in class, or out in the community (i.e. wait for the cashier, wait to talk to the teacher)? Think of a time when it was hard to wait your turn. What did your body feel like when you were impatient (i.e. tight, warm, shaky)? What was going through your mind when you were impatient (i.e. what’s taking so long? This is so annoying!)? Why do we have to wait for our turn anyway– why can’t we just jump ahead of everyone if we want to be first? What do people do when they are not being patient while waiting for their turn (i.e. complain, whine)? It’s waiting not whining! (Let’s repeat that!) Waiting is NOT whine time! When you are patient, even when it’s hard, it shows strong, powerful character. Are you powerful?

If you have time: Is it ever OK to jump in front of others when you are waiting? When (i.e. emergency)? What would you say/do?