October POWerful Word – PATIENCE – Week 3

There are many people in our lives who use patience with us everyday– and they do it through teaching us new skills and being there when we are in need. Who shows a great deal of patience with you when you are trying to learn new skills or you need someone to talk to, listen to you or help you (i.e. parents, teachers, coaches, instructors, big brothers/sisters)? What kinds of new skills have your parents or big brothers/big sisters taught you at home? How have your friends or teachers used patience to teach you or to be there to help you at school? Fill in the sentence; “I want to thank ___________, for showing patience when I ______________.” When you need help or don’t understand how to do a new skill/new piece of knowledge, how can a teacher, instructor or coach help while showing patience? What would happen to our love of learning and our ability to understand, if our teachers, instructors or coaches did not show patience while we learned? We all benefit from patience!

If you have time: When have you showed great patience in teaching someone a skill or listening to them when they were in need? Great patience!