October POWerful Word – PATIENCE – Week 4

Waiting can be challenging for everyone. However, we don’t need to just stand there tapping our foot or staring at the clock. We can DO something with our time so that waiting become easier. What can you do to help pass the time? (1) Do something you like to do: How can doing something you love help you to be more patient? What do you love to do to pass the time (i.e. tell jokes, listen to music, read)? (2) Distract yourself: You can do exercises to keep yourself from thinking about the time you need to wait. When you are waiting for your turn, what can you do (i.e. sing, make up a story, count to 100)? (3) Breathe, meditate, relax! How can taking 3 deep breaths help stay calm and patient? Let’s take 3 breaths now. Has anyone ever done meditation or yoga to relax? (4) Say kind words to yourself: Talk to yourself! What can you say to encourage yourself (i.e. I can do it! I am patient!)? What do you like to do while you wait? That’s good patience!

If you have time: (5)Cross days off your calendar as you wait. Have you ever done that? When? How can SEEING time pass on a calendar help your patience?