October POWerful Word – RESPECT – Week 1

When you think of the word respect, what kinds of thoughts or actions come to mind? We can show respect in many different ways. We can show respect by: (1) Helping others. How can you help others at home, in school or here in class? When we help others, we show that they matter. We show that we see them and their time, needs and wants as important. (2) Sharing and taking turns. Give some examples of when you share and take turns to others at home or in school. Sharing and taking turns is not always fun. We don’t always want to do it. But these actions show respect because it says to your friends and family members; “Your needs and wants are important. You matter.” (3) Using manners. What are some important manners you use at home, school and here to show respect (i.e. please, thank you, sorry)? When we use manners, it shows respect.

If you have time: How do we show respect at the dinner/breakfast table? Why is this important?