October POWerful Word – RESPECT – Week 3

Let’s talk about showing respect for property that is special to us or special to others. What do I mean by “property?” Think about something that you own that is important to you– it could be a journal, a drawing pad, a piece of equipment, a book– any piece of property that you value. Why is it important to you? How do you show respect for that item (i.e. put it away, take care of it)? You treat that special item like it matters. So if someone wants to use, touch or borrow this item, what do you say (i.e. rules to borrow, I don’t lend out this item, please treat it with respect)? Think of the items that someone in your family or one of your friends really values. Tell us about it. Why do these “things” matter to people (i.e. special meaning, given to them by someone they love, gives comfort)? We need to show respect for other people’s property.

If you have time: When you go to a friend’s home, how do you show respect for their property? At a store?