September POWerful Word – CONFIDENCE – Week 4

There are some people and situations that make us feel unsure of ourselves. (1) Can you think of a time in school or out in the community when someone might be made to feel “less than” or not included (i.e. gossip, mean looks)? Some people say things that make others feel nervous, awkward, or unwelcome. Why (i.e. increase their status by pushing people down)? Have people ever said things that make you or your friends feel that way? What can you do when that happens (i.e. buddy up, speak up, get help)? What if it’s a “friend” that is making you feel unsure or unwelcome (i.e. is this a true friend?)? Nobody has a right to make you feel unworthy or strip you of confidence! (2) I also want to talk about failure today. When we try new things, we make mistakes. We fail. If you had a friend in class who kept making mistakes and failing, what would you say to encourage him/her? Do you know that when we face failure and keep working at a skill, we learn how to be successful? Failure is a gift. A what? A gift! How? Failure provides learning opportunities so we can get better & stronger!

If you have time: This is a good time to talk about your own bullying policies and failure perspective!