September POWerful Word – COURAGE – Week 1

We all have a part of our brains called the “amygdala” (ah-MIG-duh-la) that is in charge of telling us when something is dangerous. This part of our brains was really helpful when we were cave people and dangers were all around us. When we are scared, what happens to our faces and bodies? Our muscles tighten up and blood rushes to our legs and arms so we can fight back or run (fight or flight). Since we are not cave people who need to decide whether to fight or flee saber-tooth tigers or woolly mammoths, we use our courage in other ways today. How do people show courage at home, in school, here in class or within our community (i.e., saving people from burning buildings, trying a task that has never been done before, showing up to a new class even when they feel scared)? If your little brother, little sister, or younger friend wanted to know what courage meant, what would you say? Who in your own life, in books you’ve read, or in history, do you think showed courage?

If you have time: What is the bravest thing you’ve done? Do you think many leaders are brave- why?