September POWerful Word – COURAGE – Week 2

It can be scary to try new things sometimes. What is it about trying new things that gets people nervous (i.e. fear of unknown, think they won’t like it, people might laugh)? The activities we do each day, the people we surround ourselves with and everything we are used to make up what we call “The Comfort Zone.” Why do you think it’s called that? Learning happens outside of the comfort zone when we challenge ourselves– we enter The Courage Zone! What new foods have you tried lately? If you were having dinner at a friend’s home and you were served something that looked different to you, what would you do? You need to get into The Courage Zone and try new foods. What new skills, activities or goals have you worked on lately? We need to leave our Comfort Zones & enter The Courage Zone to try new skills!

If you have time: What would happen if we never tried anything new? What would you miss out on?