September POWerful Word – COURAGE – Week 3

Sometimes our fears can tell us there is danger when it’s not really there. We can make what Dr. Dawn Huebner calls “thinking mistakes.” Let’s discuss 2
of them. (1) Exaggerated likelihood: You think that the thing you are afraid of will definitely happen. It’s raining- but getting hit by lightening– likely? No. So what would be an exaggerated likelihood thinking mistake here in class (i.e. I’ll fail & never get anything right). What is more likely to happen? If there is no evidence that it’s definitely going to happen, what should we do? Go with what’s most likely! (2) You can’t handle it: The worry wart says “this will be the worst thing you have ever dealt with before so you shouldn’t even try.” What do you think of that? This is a thinking mistake. Why? You are a competent person and you can problem-solve! That is, even if you DO fail, can you try again? Yes! Even if you DO fall, what can you do? Don’t let your fears lie to you!

If you have time: When have you bravely tried again even after you failed? That takes great courage!